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Website Design

The internet is rapidly becoming the first place people look to when considering buying a product or service. Even offline services, such as solicitors, training services and holiday accommodation are often researched first on the internet, because its quick and convenient. A website can provide much more information than a telephone directory or newspaper advertisement can. And, over time, the cost of a website can be a fraction of the cost of using other forms of promotion.

Think of your website as a member of your sales team. The website is out their promoting your products and services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five (or six!) days a year. That's what your website can do if it's a professionally designed, quality website. On the other hand a badly designed website reflects badly on your whole company.

Designing your website

Before you can start even thinking about the design of your website you first have to consider what you want your website to achieve. Sell products, promote services, provide help and information. And, of course, your website needs to be found, so you need to be listed in the highest possible position on the major search engines. A word of warning here: you'll come across companies that claim to be able to guarantee the number one position on Google, if they really could do this, they wouldn't be selling their service to others, they'd be lazing on a private beach somewhere, and very rich. However, your website can be optimised in order to get it as high in the rankings as possible. This is best done as the website is being designed, that way it can be built-in rather than bolted on afterwards. y2y Web Design can offer further advice on other ways to improve your website's search engine ranking.

Clean and fresh or cool and funky?

What your website looks like depends on a number of things: the industry in which you operate; the type of visitor you want to attract; your corporate identity; your own personal tastes. y2y Web Design will design a unique, custom website that taps into all of these. Usually it's best to base the website design around your existing corporate identity (logo, brochures, etc.), but if you don't have one, or your feel like a change y2y Web Design can work with that too.

Because your business is unique your website should be too. y2y Web Design never use templates, all our websites are unique one-offs, designed specifically for the client who commissioned them.

To flash or not to flash

Flash is a multimedia technology that allows animated graphics with sound to be displayed in a web browser. It can be quite annoying when it's used badly, however used intelligently it can enhance your website. If you have Flash installed (and javascript enabled) you may have noticed that we use a couple of Flash graphics on our home page.

Next door's grandson says he can do my site for free

Sure he can, it may even look pretty good, superficially at least. But there's more to professional quality website design than how a web page appears in a browser. How does it appear to a search engine? How does it appear in a different browser? Or a different version of the same browser? Or using a different operating system? Or a different screen size? What if your website visitor is blind, how will your site appear to them? When the search engines change the way they rank pages what happens to your site then?

y2y Web Design have expertise in web design and understand how to solve all these problems and more. With y2y Web Design you can be assured of a professional service and a high quality website, written to the latest web standards. Your website will rank highly in terms of usability, accessibility and functionality. It will load quickly and be easy to navigate. And it will also look good.