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I don't need a business website. I want a personal site or one for my club or society. Can you do that?
Yes. Because we design all our websites to be unique and to your exact specification, our websites are suitable for anyone and everyone.
Many web design companies use templates, do you?
No. Your business is unique to you, we think it deserves a uniquely designed presence on the internet. We want to make your website's visitors remember you and want to come back, an innovative, custom designed website helps to achieve this.
You're based a long way away from me, does that matter?
Not at all. The internet has made the world a much smaller place. Just as your website will be available to people anywhere in the world, so are our services.
How much will a website cost me?
It depends on the size and complexity of the site you require, and the complexity of the design and functionality. As a guide, you might expect to be quoted as low as £400 for a simple static site, and perhaps £1200 for a small to medium sized e-commerce site.
What information do you need to be able to give me a quote?
As much as possible! Tell us what you want the site to do; whether you want an e-commerce site; give us some examples of other sites you like, and tell us why you like them; tell us if there are any specific features or functionality you want. The more information you can give us the better.
When I receive a quote is the price fixed?
Yes. So long as your requirements don't change. If they do, we'll agree a new price with you before going ahead with any work.
I've got a cheaper quote, why are you more expensive?
There could be any number of reasons, but the chances are the cheaper quote won't include all the services we offer, or it may be for a template based design. Remember we don't optimise your site for search engines after we've written it, we build search engine optimisation in from day one; we don't give you a website that only works in one particular browser; we don't give you a website that may be illegal under the Disability Discrimination Act. We want you to be proud of your website, just as we're proud of every website we create.
Do you do shopping carts and e-commerce sites?
Yes. Our e-commerce sites are designed to be unique, so your shopping cart won't look like just another shopping cart unless you want it to. We'll also discuss with you the best way your business can receive online payments.
Will my site be on Google?
The absolutely honest answer is: very, very probably. No-one can guarantee any site will appear on Google or any other search engine, however it's very, very likely your site will appear. We'll submit your site to the major search engines as part of our service. We build search engine friendliness into all our sites, so your website will have an excellent chance of getting a high ranking.
What if something goes wrong with my website in 2 months' time?
All the websites we design come with 2 months' free support. We can afford to do this because we use robust, well-tested methods to implement the features you want. We also know the code we use inside out, so in the unlikely event anything does go wrong we can fix it quickly.
What if something goes wrong after that?
We offer website maintenance for both sites we've designed and ones we haven't. We can either agree a maintenance contract or you can access our services on a pay-as-you-go basis.
Can you support a website that's been written by another website designer?
Yes. Though you should ensure you own the copyright to the site first. We offer both ad hoc, pay-as-you-go support, or we can agree an ongoing maintenance and support contract.