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Accessibility Information

At y2y Web Design we believe websites should be used and enjoyed by all. Wherever possible we encourage our clients to commission accessible websites, and, of course, we've endeavoured to make this website as accessible as possible. If you have any problems, or know of any ways we can improve, please contact us.

  • The font size of all text is relative, this allows the text to be resized by the browser.
  • We've used CSS to separate layout from content.
  • Tables are used for tabular data only.
  • Screen reader users will notice that we've added links that are hidden to graphical browsers but that allow screen reader users to skip straight to either the main content, the main navigation or this page.
  • All informational images have an ALT tag. For purely decorative images there's a null ALT tag.
  • We've added buttons that allow the font size to be changed on every page.
  • All pages conform to the WCAG WAI AAA standard. Or at least, since the standard isn't actually enforced by anyone, we've reviewed the priority 1, 2 and 3 guidelines and all pages pass all checks as far as we can tell, if you think different then please let us know and we'll put it right.